Fried Chicken, Watermelon and Cornbread: Ingredients to the Worst Black History Month Ever


It’s hard to find pictures of fried chicken and watermelon without a racist caption. That should be a hint that it’s racist.

A Northern California High School planned to kick off the month long celebration of the contributions of Black people in this nation, with fried chicken, watermelon and cornbread.

I thought it was a fake story. It’s not.

The school is called Carondelet High School for Girls, in Concord California. According to their principal, Nancy Libby, the whole thing was some kind of mis-communication. The menu got out without being authorized. Apologies have been issued. Assemblies will be held, because, you know… diversity.

Who wrote the menu? Were they too stupid to realize how racist their menu selection is. Let’s face it, fried chicken and cornbread are both delicious when cooked correctly. I’m not ashamed to say, my wife cooked fried chicken last night. Lovely. The problem is, when you put them all on a menu to celebrate our history, it puts things into a different perspective.

For example, tacos might not be the best idea for their celebrations of Latino Americans. And women’s history month should not be celebrated with a “Go make me a sandwich, Bitch!” bar.

Perhaps it was an addle brained, I Love Lucy type who wanted to gather the most delicious soul food she could to honor our short time in the sun. If so, let me offer this piece of advice. If you are not sure whether or not something is racist, Google it, click images and look at the results. The results for “fried chicken and watermelon,” are fucking offensive.

But if they hadn’t planned on a diversity assembly, why have one now? Why not just bring the menu writer into a room and inform them that they are fired, because they are racist and they embarassed everyone in the school. That seems better, right?

Diversity isn’t an affliction. It’s discussion shouldn’t be a punishment. Save that for the folks who created the menu.


I Live In the Hood. We Don’t Have an Environment


Occupy Monsanto

Once I worked for a tele survey company, calling people just before dinner, to inquire if they could spare a few moments to answer a few questions.
I did a lot of viagra surveys. This was before the little blue pill had been released. I also remember asking hundreds of questions about fast food. And then there was this one survey about the environment.

I had called a certain house, and spoken to a woman for about 45 minutes already, when I asked her if she had any children between 15 and 17. I wish she had lied; said no. Then it would have all been over with, and I would have gotten my credit and moved on to the next number. But she told the truth. I heard her call into the distance. A few moments later her daughter answered the phone.

I don’t recall the question the exact question I asked her. I know that it was the first one. Something harmless, like, “How often do you think about the environment.” The first questions were always soft balls. She answered , “I live in the hood. We don’t have an environment.” Followed by a dial tone. Hmmm.

A few days ago the news surfaced that Monsanto had bought Academi, the company formerly known as Blackwater. While there has been some confusion over whether they purchased the mercenary group or only rented them, the partnership is still troubling.

Google Monsanto. Their tagline is, “A sustainable agriculture company.” They are all about the farmers. Ask them, they’ll tell you.

But when Mother Earth News calls you the most evil corporation in the world, maybe you should do some soul searching.

Here’s what you need to know about them. Everything that you eat has their fingerprints on it, as well as some other things. Agent Orange? That’s them. GMO’s. Them. They love farmers so much that they developed seeds that terminate after one generation, forcing them to buy new seeds every year. They even attempted to patent strands of your DNA. Seriously.

Blackwater on the other hand has been implicated in a few civilian shootings in Iraq. And Afghanistan. Compared to Monsanto, they are as wholesome as  Richie Cunningham.

Why does a “sustainable agriculture company” need a security force? Ask the guys at Gogebic, who recently hired Bulletproof Securities to guard a Taconite mine up in the hills of Wisconsin. Maybe it has something to do with the protestors. I don’t know but when the Empire buys Cobra, you need to take notice.

And by the way, no matter what color you are or where you live, this is an inappropriate response…

This is for white folks to worry about, let them deal with it. I can’t be worried with nothing other than the liberation of me and my people. Why we worried, black folks can’t even get a murder conviction for an unarmed child with candy and a drink.

It was posted to a friend’s page in response to the Monsanto story. I think he was related to the little girl who thought that, because she lived in the hood, she didn’t have an environment.

Like I said, they have their stamp on almost everything you eat. That’s gangsta. The average thug only want’s your wallet. They’re putting a shakedown on your nourishment. Jack your fridge. What’s next? Water? Already happening. The CEO of Nestle Corp, Peter Brabeck thinks that it is extreme to believe that water is a basic human right.

The water is of course the most important raw material we have today in the world.
It’s a question of whether we should privatise the normal supply for the population.
And there are two different opinions on the matter. The one opinionon which I think is extreme, is presented by the NGOs, who bang on about … declaring water .. a public right.
That means as a human being you should have a right to water. Thats an extreme solution.
And the other view says that the water is foodstuff like any other, and like any other foodstuff it should have market value. Personally I believe its better to give a foodstuff a value so that we’re all aware that it has a price, and then that one should take specific measures for the part of the population that has no access to this water and there are many different possibilities there

You can see the video of that statement, here.

I’m not saying that we should drop everything and join Occupy Monsanto. I’m not even suggesting you stop eating their products. But this should, at the very least, pique your curiosity. Because until we successfully convert every vacant lot and building until an aquaponic farm with heirloom vegetables, they have control over our very dinner tables. That’s something to worry about. It’s the most gangsta isn, ever.