The Most Cooly Disturbing Things You’ll See All Day


Guided Bullets. The inevitable has finally arrived.

That innocent white thread snaking towards the center of the picture is the trail of light left by a guided bullet. Developed by Lockheed Martin each round is four inches long with an optic sensor on its nose. The bullets are steered by fins, auto-correcting at a rate of 30 times per second, while they travel at twice the speed of sound.

Pull the trigger, and it will follow a laser beam to its target, no matter what. When British Army sniper Corporal Craig Harrison, shot two Taliban operatives from a mile-and-a-half away under perfect conditions, it was record breaking stuff.

One day, these bullets will make that seem academic.


If that’s not enough for you, a company called Trackingpoint has is preparing to launch it’s line of Precision Guided Firearms. For 17 grand you can get a bolt action rifle that is affixed with something straight out of the Star Wars. It’s a scope, powered by a Linux computer, and it wants to be your wingman.

First, it tells you the weather conditions and wind speed; all of those things that snipers and hunters need to know, and can already find out from countless other products on the market.

The coolness kicks in the moment you put your target in the crosshairs and push a button. It will track the animal, head of state, alien invader. If they go outside of your field of vision, the scope will point the way, just like the easy setting on Chuck Yeager Air Combat. (There are probably better analogies, but that was the first thing that came to mind. I don’t play many games.) And you can’t pull the trigger until you line up the crosshairs with the original target area.

It all seems pretty frustrating to me, like the nanny controls on your average super car. It seems like, if you are just an average shooter, you might never line up your scope with that first target area. And if you are a marksman, you don’t need it anyway.

But it looks cool, and in a couple of years, when they have hacked them down in size and price, and connected them to a pair of Google Glasses, I might get it, or whatever the Chinese knockoff is called.

Put that with the guided bullet (I’ll bet someone already has) and you have the technology to turn your average schlub into a stone cold assasin. Or, your average sniper (is there such a thing as an average sniper?) into a modern day super hero/villian.

It’s all very cool, in a bow down to your dystopian overlord kind of way.

I wrote about an extreme sniper competition some time back. Those guys wouldn’t be caught dead with this stuff.


The Catacombs of Vegas

There are catacombs beneath Las Vegas, and I am torn between “Wha?!” and “Duh!”

Of course there are catacombs beneath the Sin City. Cities need tunnels the way we need organs. Those tunnels are where all of the stuff comes from, and then returns to. Stuff… The electricity and water. The magic and glitz. Did you know that Vegas has 2,000 miles of tunnels just to help maintain a constant supply of feathers and sparkly baby oil? Well, it doesn’t.

And of course they aren’t catacombs. Catacombs are religious. They contain more dust and skulls, and generally fewer milk crates and discarded Ikea Furniture.

They say about 1,000 people live down there. Some of them are mentally ill or addicted to drugs, while some of them are folks who simply fell through the floor of the economic system. Their living spaces range from pallets on the flooded floors to bedrooms with book cases and drawers.

I was astounded by how normal life was for them. I grew up on a steady diet of Chuds and giant alligators. The tunnels were where heroes went to get their asses kicked, only to emerge triumphant on the other side. Anyone remember Moria in the Fellowship of the Rings?

Now they are becoming some kind lowest rung in America society. In New York, Las Vegas, Kansas City and elsewhere, people are doing whatever they have to in order to survive. The tunnels, though dangerous, can sometimes offer a level of stability that is unavailable topside.

What I Learned from the Walking Dead, Season 4 Trailer

“Is that a voice?”
Yeah, there are voices in Season 4. We’ll get to that shortly.

But let’s start at the beginning, at what looks like a Big Lots knock off. They’re knocking on the window, trying to get the attention of zombie store manager, and…

:02 I’m wondering if Daryl has a stylist. I mean, he seems to be one of the only guys there who has more than one change of clothes, and it all looks dope. The poncho from last season blew me away. Now, he’s layering leather vests over motorcycle jackets; which should be a uniform requirement for everyone carrying a crossbow.

At :18 We All Can Get Along. Tyrese, his sister, Glenn, the other Black dude and Michonne comprise one of the most multi-cultural team of post apocalyptic ass kickers ever assembled.
If Benetton sold assault rifles, their commercials would look like this.

:32 Speaking of the other Black dude, here he is again. So, he’s not cannon fodder, because he’s all over the trailer, and in those approximately four minutes, he has more lines than T-Dawg did in three seasons.

:42 Why wouldn’t Michonne be able to ride a horse?! Of course she can ride… racist.

1:28 So zombie Mike Tyson is out there in those Georgia Woods? How else can you explain Tyrese sporting a black eye?

1:33 Lord of the Flies!

1:50 Carol is the Middle School Teacher that I wish I had. “Today we’re going to talk about knives…”
I like her more and more as the series progresses. BTW: Melissa McBride is the actress who plays Carol. She needs to update her website. (Call me…)

2:46 Glenn is selfish and just a little bit douchey.

2:56 Dodge Daytonas Hemis are not good rides when the roads are littered with the undead. You guys couldn’t go find a 4×4? Even an XTerra?

3:00 we see that there are more zombies than there are raisins in a box of Raisin Bran. Like, more dead people out in the woods of Georgia, than there are live people, right now, in those same woods. Where are they coming from? Marta?

3:23 Tyrese is going to either die or Hulk out. I suspect the latter. Zombies will be tossed in every direction, bits of their rotting flesh smearing the camera. Then he’ll stomp on the ground and a split will open and swallow up the rest of the undead horde.

3:50 Don’t Ever tell a Black man to calm down, Rick! And take that Daryl, with your stupid vest. Seriously though, I want a black vest, which I will wear with everything.

4:15 “Is that a voice?” Ooooh…

Yeah, it probably is a voice. Why don’t you guys go repurpose a better car. Something with four wheel drive. Something that is easier to work on and with greater ground clearance. Like, enough clearance for at least three feet of zombie. And something with a better radio.

The Governor’s radio would have picked it up, you better believe that.

Speaking of which, who do you think is littering rat corpses around the fences of the prison? Someone with too much time on their hands, is who. If it is the Governor, then he needs to have his life fixed by Iyanla Vanzant. There are easier and less time consuming ways to get revenge.
Come on man, it’s time to move on.

Disaster Kit! The Breakdown, Pt 1



A small waterproof container, to hold your fire starting supplies

Work boots. Your flip flops won’t cut it

Work gloves

Meds. This includes, aspirin, multi-vitamins, fever reducers and allergy relievers, as well as back ups of whatever you and your family need to get through the day

A spray bottle with 10 percent bleach. It’s a simple but effective disinfectant

Water purification. Here he recommends eight drops of bleach for every gallon of water. You will need five gallons of water, per person, per day. (I’ve heard that two is sufficient. But do you have two gallons per person per day? Didn’t think so.) Water is one of those things that people overlook at their own peril. The body’s need for water is second only to its need for oxygen. There are, however, other methods to purify water that you can explore

Bleach. Of course. And an eye dropper


A Radio with batteries. Extra credit for getting a hand crank powered radio

Batteries! Duh


Flash light

Light sticks

A compass and map. (To where? IDK)

Dried food

Peroxide and a well stocked first aid kit

These are you in-home provisions. He suggests that you keep it someplace high, dark and out of the way, next to your firearm (the gas too? Probably not. Use common sense people.) There are some things that I would add, but this is his song, not mine. I’ll talk about them later

I will also discuss the Bug Out Bag; that thing that you carry with you when you are forced out of your home. You can keep it in your trunk. Then, there are those little things that you need on your person, if you even expect to make it to your trunk. It can get overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be

Anyway, this is a solid start to your worst case scenario swag. You are ever so welcome.

Illumaniti Free Play List: Disaster Kit!

This is the video for KRS-One’s song, Disaster Kit. For those of you who are new to the concept, this is your laundry list for when the other shoe falls, and the dead rise from their graves, or the Apes rise up, or Skynet switches on… Or the next Katrina hits. Or riots break out. Black outs… You get the picture.
It is a variation on the theme of the Bug Out Bag, something that has been a staple of the Prepper community for years. And if you think they are just being paranoid, you’re dead wrong. And I can prove it. You need look back no further than the last time mother nature gut-checked you.
For me it was February 5th 2010. We were living in Philly. My wife was very pregnant. That was the day category 3 blizzard began dumping snow on the city. By the end of the week, two weather events had come and gone, leaving the city beneath about five feet of snow.
I remember walking to the market the next day. Then to CVS. Then Rite Aid. Stores were closed. Shelves were empty. And if you didn’t live near a main artery; Walnut or Chestnut, Broad or Market, then the plows might not be able to dig you out. You were stuck.
These scenarios aren’t far out. In fact, they are inevitable.
I went ahead and wrote down the ingredient’s in KRS-One’s Disaster Kit, because I’m awesome. But listen to it anyway because he talks about attitude, which is vital, and can’t be purchased at Home Depot.
You’re welcome.

The Three Things that Motivate Game Changing Moves, Like Space Exploration

I posted earlier that I had a crisp $20 bill sitting on my desk waiting for the Kickstarter for the real Black Star Line. You know, that craft that is going to carry the rest of us into space, after the rich have left.
Remember After Earth? You don’t want to be here after every living thing has evolved to kill us.
(Note: Why did evolution take them in that direction, especially if we hadn’t been there? Because we are assholes. And how did everything evolve so quickly? See Dust.)
Call it the Lauren Olamina. Stock it with hydroponics and shoot it out in whichever direction has the least amount of corporate ownership.
Let’s do it. Let’s all settle on a planet called Octavia and write our own futures.